4 Big Brand Marketing Ideas to Use in Your Small Business

Small Business Marketing

When brainstorming new small businesses marketing techniques, consider the attempts and successes of big brand strategies. Small companies have the ability to be flexible, agile, and to take creative risks that big companies aren’t always able to procure. That being said, it behooves small companies to study the marketing strategies of the big brands and adapt their tactics to fit their own markets.

Reaching your intended audience means defining demographics develop marketing strategies with clear goals and setting yourself apart from your competition. Understand your market and learn what they need and figure out how to give it to them. The following four marketing ideas are based on big brand ideas and will start you on the path of successful small business marketing.

1. Ripples Can Make the Biggest Splash

The doors of creative marketing are wide open for small businesses. While big brands have scale, small businesses can connect with consumers by providing an experience that reaches the emotions of their audience and motivates them to talk, click, and share. For small brands the biggest splash may be made simply by ripples that continue to spread.

Mashable writes that ad firm SapientNitro Chief Creative Officer Gaston Legorburu, gives the examples of American Girl and Build-a-Bear as highly successful consumer experiences. These experiences are often shared across social media channels increasing brand awareness for basically no cost.

2. Real Time is “Real” “Time”

Keeping up with current trends, has never been easier, and neither has increasing brand awareness. Getting the message of your brand into the main stream is done in real time with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. These platforms allow the consumer to garner the attention of the brand on a one-on-one-to-many basis, while at the same time affording the company an opportunity to increase brand awareness exponentially.

3. You Be You

Major brands create their marketing content, small businesses should commit to doing the same. Over the past few years, businesses of all kinds have realized how important it is to use experienced, professional writers to create high quality, compelling marketing content and to harvest and curate relevant content that is beneficial to potential clients. The words and images that you use to convey your story to consumers will become your brand. For something this important you must invest in hiring those that have the skills and experience to know how to represent your brand the best.

Data analytics tools like Kissmetrics and Google Analytics will help you ensure your message is reaching your target audience and how effective your message is. Use them.

4. Build Your Foundation

As we’ve seen small business marketing strategies include-

  • Intentional decision making based on clearly defined goals,
  • Creative brainstorming,
  • Accessibility and connection, and
  • Compelling content.

Building your foundation also includes creating a strategy that sets you apart from your marketshare competitors. Once you have started building that foundation it is then time to start building your community. Through social media platforms, blogging, and video creations, you can reach out to your audience, engage their emotions, and motivate them to share your message.